Zend Web Application

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Zend is an open-source web application framework that helps to build high quality web applications with PHP. Zend Development speeds up the production and improves end user satisfaction. Zend Framework is a powerful open source framework for PHP web application development based on Model View Controller Structure.

Zend is a PHP based web application framework, it provides components for the MVC, Table Data and Row Data Gateway, Zend framework offers rapid application development, easy integration of various other zend development tools and offers great power and flexibility to the developers.

Our developers have extensive experience in working on advanced Zend Application Development projects that are highly scalable, flexible and secure.

We design and development below in Zend web application development:

  • Online multi player games
  • Realty and Real Estate systems
  • Shipping systems integration
  • Ad word-based and banner exchange systems
  • Online Stores, e-commerce oriented web-based systems
  • Sales Automation and CRM Solution
  • Online Communities, blogging systems society and social bookmarking systems
  • Online Hotel Booking and Comparison system
  • Application Development with consuming XML Data feed
  • Scheduling management
  • Mass Mailing & News Letter Management Solutions
  • Web mail, Web Calendar
  • Payment systems and payment gateways integration
  • Affiliate tracking systems and affiliate advertising-based systems
  • Statistics collection systems and components
  • GDS and MLS Data Integration for Hotel & Real Estate
  • Online Booking & Quote Engine systems


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