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Build Customer Relationship with integrated communication tools

Phone Repair Shop-Script is really geared to service businesses that may or May not have a Point of Sale element or innovative inventory needs. Mobile Phone Repair Shop-Script is an all-in-one online platform for running a successful phone repair shop.

How does Mobile Phone Repair Software help?

Here are several features listed below that are helpful for your phone repair shop:

  • Complete sales invoices and repair orders.
  • Complete phone repair history
  • Controls your Cell Phone repair shop remotely.
  • Able to create approximations and quotes for your repair customers before starting any repairs.
  • Keep track of all your vital phone repairs history within the consumer’s profiles.
  • Helps to manage your cash and other payment history and any differences at the end of the day.
  • Setup and Manage repair guarantees on services and products within your store system
  • Track your shop sales by data, salespersons, customer, product, category and more.
  • Get clear and correct reports of what your mechanics have worked on and their current repair activities.

Take your Mobile phone repair shop to the Next Level!


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